Ground Transportation For Your Dog Across The US

Ground transportation like the one we offer ensures your dog will be safe and comfortable every step of the way. In our van, your dog is in the same cabin as our drivers, keeping them happy and healthy throughout their journey.

Ground transportation can be a great alternative to flying for senior dogs. Many veterinarians will advise you against flying a senior pet since the stress and altitude can affect them a bit more than younger pets. However, ground transportation for your pet provides a more relaxed environment and there is no need to worry about altitude.

In many cases, flying is not an option because of temperature extremes. Most airlines will not allow dogs to fly if the temperatures at any point of the trip are expected to be above 85F or go below 45F. This means that dogs can’t fly for many months during the summer and they are also restricted during the winter months.

Breed restrictions can also come in to play when flying a dog. Ground transportation works differently so breeds that are banned from flying because they are considered aggressive breeds, or snub nosed breeds of dogs can comfortably and safely move in a climate controlled van across the US.

Our van is equipped to handle very large breeds of dog as well. Your furry giant can also move across the country. Their crate will be securely attached inside our temperature controlled van and our team of pet transportation experts will provide food, water and many potty breaks to ensure your dog’s comfort.

No matter the breed, age or size of your pet, if your pup needs to move within the United States, we can drive them. Our pet travel experts can arrange everything for your pet’s safe pick up, transportation and arrival.

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