Dog grooming of Pomeranian

Great Grooming Secrets

Grooming is a part of caring for your furry friends. Even the lowest maintenance dogs and cats require regular brushing and nail trimming and occasional baths.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to have your fur kids neatly groomed!

Get Some Grooming Supplies

Before you can groom your pet, you need to buy all of the supplies that you’ll need for regular grooming. There’s an extensive amount of grooming tools available, and the needs of your pet may vary. 
We recommend that you at least invest in nail trimmers, a nail file, a metal comb, and a brush. The variety of each of these items that you purchase will depend on the size of your pet and the length and thickness of their fur.

If you plan on giving your pet baths at home, you should also purchase the appropriate shampoo for your animal. Don’t forget to get conditioner as well if you have a long-haired pet!

Grooming In Order

The best way to have a cooperative companion when you’re grooming is to establish a routine! Make sure that you’re tending to your furry friend’s grooming needs in the right frequency and order.

Start with nail clipping. This is the most important need of your pet, as long claws can be uncomfortable – especially for dogs. Make sure you’re tending to this once per month, or more often if needed.

Next, move on to brushing. Most breeds need to be brushed about once a week. Make sure that you’re brushing on the same day, around the same time each week to establish this routine.

Third, bathe your pet. This can be done as often as twice a week or as infrequently as once a month. How often and how you bathe your pet will depend on the breed and activity level of your furry friend. 
Finally, trim and style your pet’s hair as needed. Many animals can get by with just regular brushing and bathing. For longer haired pets, trimming the hair once every couple of months is essential!

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