Getting Your Pets Ready for Colder Weather

Fall has officially arrived—and with it, the anticipation of colder days. While the cold temperatures may not be here quite yet, they’re closing in!

You may have already started preparing yourself for the colder weather. Maybe you’ve started switching out some of the clothes in your closet, changing from short sleeves to long. Or maybe you’ve begun preparing your house for the winter, removing fallen leaves and ensuring hoses and faucets are winterized.

But have you stopped to consider whether your furry friends are ready for winter?

Read on as we offer a few tips on getting your pets ready for the colder weather that’s ahead.

Consider Your Pet’s Shelter

If your pet spends any length of time outdoors, you need to consider whether its shelter provides enough warmth. In most cases, cats should be brought indoors.

For dogs, keep your pet’s outdoor shelter dry and free of drafts. Cover the ground with cedar shavings or straw, and keep the door protected using something like heavy plastic.

Keep Your Pet Well-Fed

This might not be something that comes to mind in cold weather, but it’s important. In order to keep its body temperature in a comfortable spot, your pet will need more energy—and therefore, more food.

Also keep an eye on water bowls to ensure they haven’t frozen over, and keep them refilled to keep your pet well-hydrated.

Safely Store Antifreeze

This one may seem like an odd item when talking about preparing a pet for winter, but it is applicable. While you are preparing your home and your car for cold temperatures, antifreeze may be involved.

And its sweet taste can attract animals, with deadly consequences. So wipe up any spills immediately and store antifreeze away from pets.

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