Employee profile: Shawna

Name: Shawna

Pets (name, breed):  Otto George – Golden Retriever Lab Mix, Moose – Silver Lab and Whiskers – DSH (kitty)

List 5 interests: Boating, Running, watching Basketball, Snowboarding and drinking beer 🙂

Favorite part about working at Airpets America: Exploring the world through estimate requests and learning more about different breeds.

Most fun move you ever worked on: I love when clients have fun with us.  Moving in general is stressful, but when pet parents have to leave their pets in someone else’s care it can compound an already stressful situation.  We were contacted to move 2 dogs very quickly to Singapore for a client on professional relocation.  Unfortunately, the dogs had to go through a blood serology test and had to stay back in the USA until they were ready to reunite with their parents.  The family was very understanding and we were able to have a lot of fun and build a connection during the preparation period up until transport day!

Hardest move you ever worked on: Moves in general for Snub Nose and Giant dogs are difficult every time we receive a request.  As a pet parent of Giant sized dogs, I hate to tell parents that I can’t find an aircraft big enough to transport their baby.  In some cases, we just don’t have an option and that’s hard to tell someone.  I am hopeful that Airlines will allow snub nose pets to fly again!  If safety precautions are taken, snub nose pets can be safely transported as cargo.

Favorite pet you’ve shipped: “George” a blood hound.  This giant cutie made a Giant kennel look tiny.  We shipped him in a custom kennel 60L x 32W x 48H!

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