Employee profile: Kelly, Pet Travel Consultant

Pets (name, breed): I have three cats! Voldemort – he is a gray and white domestic long hair, Winter – he is also a gray and white domestic long hair (they’re brothers!) and finally Hydra – she is a short hair calico and she is CRAZY!!!

List 5 interests: Cat Napping (with my cats!), reading novels, watching new TV shows, trying new restaurants and foods, traveling!

Favorite part about working at Airpets America: Getting to reunite owners with their furry loved ones in another country!

Most fun move you ever worked on: We sent 4 ferrets from Austin, Texas to Munch, Germany. We taught the owner how to prepare a special crate for the pets and they had the cutest names! Buster, Johnny, Freddie & Whitey.

Hardest move you ever worked on: (2 Dobermans to Russia) – Sophie & Milo. There were so many roadblocks along the way. The airlines had embargoes, the crates were just a hair too small and the dogs were missing one vaccine. However they finally arrived in Russia safe and sound, on my birthday!

Favorite pet you’ve shipped: Sophie was the sweetest little brown Dobie! Loved her!

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