Homemade dog treats

Dog treats: 5 of our favorite recipes

peanut butter pumpkinDog treats: 5 of our favorite recipes

There are so many reasons to bake dog treats for your pups. It is great to know exactly what’s in them, this Homemade-Dog-Biscuits-Instructions-Collage-532x600ensures that every ingredient going in to the dog treats is fresh and accounted for. It can be loads of fun, just like making cookies for humans. These dog treats can also save you a few bucks. Once made you can store them at room temperature for a few days or you can freeze them and they can last a whole year.

The following are some of our dogs and humans favorite recipes. Easy for humans to make and delicious for them to eat! We love making the very last one, it is a chewy treat you can take them with you to dog training class as a high value treat. The rest are different variations of crunchy dog treats that you can cut up in different sizes for different dogs or for different times of day. We like to give our pups a bigger snack type dog treat at lunch since they get breakfast and dinner. They get a smaller dog treat when we leave them to go to work and another small one when they go in their crate at bed time. Making different sizes of treats and treats made with different ingredients gives you more flexibility and ensures your dogs are getting more interesting and balanced meals.

high-value-dog-treats-photoPeanut butter and pumpkin dog treats

Oats and broth dog treats

Peanut butter and bacon dog treats

Carrots and bacon dog treats

Chewy tuna dog treats

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