Dog Travel Summer Tips

As the scorching Texas sun heralds the arrival of summer, pet owners embark on their vacation plans, often eager to include their furry companions in the adventure. However, the rising temperatures also bring the risk of overheating for our canine friends. To ensure a cool and comfortable journey, here’s a compilation of our favorite “dog travel summer tips.”

  1. Frozen Water Bottles: Freeze plastic water bottles to create a portable, long-lasting refreshment solution. This is especially beneficial for dogs traveling in crates, as the melting ice provides a refreshing source of water without causing a messy splash.
  2. Pressure-Activated Cooling Gel Mats: Invest in pressure-activated cooling gel mats that keep your dog cool without the need for freezing. These versatile mats can be used in the car, RV, crate, or even outdoors during adventures and campsite stays. For longer trips, consider purchasing two as their cooling powers typically last 2 to 4 hours, with a 30-minute rest period before becoming effective again.
  3. Cooling Bandanas and Collars: Opt for cooling bandanas and collars, available in various sizes and designs. Activated by running them under cool water, these accessories utilize polymer crystals to provide your dog with hours of cooling relief. Bonus: they work well for humans too!

dog wearing a bandana


    1. Evaporative Cooling Jackets: Ideal for dogs embarking on long hikes in hot weather, evaporative cooling jackets cover the entire dog, offering prolonged cooling. Similar to cooling bandanas, these jackets provide a protective layer against heat. Some alternatives may require freezing inserts beforehand.
    2. Frozen Dog Toys: Keep your dog entertained and refreshed during travels with frozen dog toys like the cool pup popsicle. These toys, equipped with holes, allow you to add water and freeze, creating a cooling and chewing activity. Get creative by making your own frozen treats by freezing veggies and broth inside a Kong.
    3. Crate Fan Cooling System: For dogs traveling in crates during car rides, consider a crate fan cooling system. These attach to the front of the crate, providing a breeze for your furry friend. However, be mindful of needing a power source to keep the fan running.
    4. Protective Booties: If your summer vacation includes city walks with your dog, protect their paws from scorching pavement by investing in booties. The hot summer pavement can burn your pup’s paws just as it would burn your bare feet.
    5. Dog Sunblock: Yes, dogs can get sunburned too. Especially for those with lighter-colored coats and less hair, applying dog sunblock is a wise precaution during outdoor activities. Protect your pup’s sensitive skin from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure.

    By incorporating these essential “dog travel summer tips” into your plans, you’ll ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure for both you and your canine companion. From cooling accessories to protective measures, a little preparation goes a long way in keeping your dog cool and comfortable during the summer heat in Texas or any other destination.

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