Dog shipping to Japan

images-6Are you and your dog relocating to Japan?

Moving to Japan with pets can be quite complicated, there are many rules and regulations that are very specific. Timing is crucial and it can be hard trying to move your household at the same time as your pets. This is why we suggest you use a pet travel expert that can guide you step by step to ensure your pet travel needs are met accurately and promptly. 

This is a quick list of requirements for dogs traveling to Japan, for specifics about each point please contact our dog relocation specialists.

1. Microchip. These can be implanted by any veterinarian. It should be done before administering the necessary vaccinations to travel to Japan. They prefer a ISO compatible microchip. 

2. Rabies Vaccination (1st). The dog traveling to Japan needs to be at least 91 days old before the veterinarian administers the first Rabies vaccine. It can be done on the same day, right after you microchipped your dog.

images-53. Rabies Vaccination (2nd). At least 30 days after the first vaccination, but before the duration of immunity has expired, your dog will need a second rabies vaccination. This second vaccination needs to be current upon arrival in Japan. So timing and type of vaccine are crucial.

4. Rabies Antibody Test. This test should be done after the second rabies vaccine has been administered. Dogs traveling to Japan need to have their blood sample tested at a designated laboratory. Our pet travel experts can provide the necessary information on the currently approved labs. Once you receive it, take good care of it because the Japanese government will need the original copy when your dog arrives there.

images-35. Waiting Period. After the blood test mentioned above your dog will need to wait 180 days. Our team of pet shipping experts can schedule your dog’s stay at our beautiful pet resort if you need to leave before the time period has been completed. This will avoid delays when your dog arrives in Japan.

6. Advance Notification. The Animal Quarantine Service (Japan’s USDA) needs to be notified at least 40 days before your dog travels to Japan. It is important that you give them all the necessary information, including which port of entry will be used. Not every airport or seaport in Japan will allow you to bring in a dog, but our dog shipping experts will make sure you have the right entry point.

7. Approval for Import Inspection. Once AQS has received and reviewed all the information in your advanced notification, they will issue an “Approval of Import Inspection of Animals”. This is another important document to keep as it may be required for your dog’s relocation to Japan. 

Untitled8. Clinical Inspection & Health Certificate. This is a visit to a USDA accredited Veterinarian who will perform a health exam, checking vaccinations (rabies and leptospirosis) and that your dog is in good health, then issue a certificate that needs to be endorsed by the USDA. This health exam and certificate should be issued within 48 hours of your dog going to Japan. A dog relocation expert can advise you on the exact information required in order to avoid extended delays of up to 180 days once in Japan. In case of a military pet relocation, the process is a bit different as you can bypass the USDA office, however, military moves require some additional paperwork.

9. Import Inspection. With all your documents in order you must apply for an Import inspection to AQS upon your dog’s arrival in Japan. They will then issue an Import Quarantine Certificate and your dog can be imported to Japan. 

10. If all your documents in order, your dog’s quarantine in Japan will usually be less than 12 hours. images-2

And then you’ve made it! You and your dog have officially relocated to Japan! If you would like us to plan your dog’s travel to Japan, or need any help along the way please be sure to contact our fabulous team of pet relocation experts, we’ll be glad to help!

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