Dog move to South Africa

A dog move to South Africa doesn’t have to be hard. With the help of a dog shipping expert you can get all the documents and requirements for your dog’s move to South Africa.

Here is a quick view of what you’ll need to move a dog to South Africa. However, rules can change at any time so it is advised to plan way ahead (about 6 months before you need to move) and hiring a dog shipping expert can greatly reduce problems caused by inaccurate information.

Microchip: All dogs moving to South Africa need to be microchipped. This helps identify your dog and it’s also a way to keep track of all vaccinations. It is important to microchip first and then vaccinate so it is all on record.

Import Permit: Dogs moving to South Africa need an import permit, you’ll need to apply for one with the Director of Animal Health. Once they receive the import application form a Veterinary Import Permit will be issued.

Vaccinations: If you are travelling from the US it is very important to note that South Africa does not accept the 2 or 3 year rabies vaccine. That means your dog needs the annual rabies vaccination after being microchipped, at least 30 days before travel and no more than 12 months prior to entry in South Africa.

Blood tests: If traveling from the United States, your dog will be tested and treated if found positive for: Brucella canis, Babesia gibsoni, Dirofilaria immitis and Leishmania. If these tests are not done correctly then the dog will either be required to stay in Quarantine after arrival in South Africa or might even be sent back so make sure you are using a dog shipping expert that can provide the right information and contact with a USDA veterinarian.

Health Certificate: Dogs moving to South Africa will need VETERINARY HEALTH CERTIFICATE IN RESPECT OF DOGS FOR EXPORT TO THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. Only a USDA accredited veterinarian can provide this. It needs to be completed within 10 days of your dog’s arrival in South Africa.

Crate: Your dog will need an IATA compliant crate. Our team of experts can provide such crates or customize a crate to fit your dog’s specific travel needs.

It is very important to have all documents and requirements in order to avoid your dog having to be quarantined upon arrival in South Africa, please let us know if our team of dog shipping experts can help with your dog’s move to South Africa. We can provide customized crates, schedule the most dog friendly flights on the most respectable airlines, and provide door to door transportation for your dog.

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