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Dog Move To South Africa

A dog move to South Africa can be a breeze with the assistance of a dog shipping expert. Ensure a smooth transition by obtaining all necessary documents and meeting requirements for your furry friend’s relocation.

Here’s a concise overview of the essentials for moving a dog to South Africa. Keep in mind that rules may change, so plan well in advance (ideally 6 months before the move) and consider hiring a dog shipping expert for accurate guidance.

  1. Microchip: All dogs relocating to South Africa must be microchipped. This not only helps identify your dog but also keeps a record of vaccinations. Microchip your dog before vaccinations to ensure proper documentation.
  2. Import Permit: Obtain an import permit for your dog by applying to the Director of Animal Health. Once the import application is received, a Veterinary Import Permit will be issued.
  3. Vaccinations: Note that South Africa doesn’t accept the 2 or 3-year rabies vaccine from the US. Ensure your dog receives an annual rabies vaccination after being microchipped, at least 30 days before travel and no more than 12 months prior to entry in South Africa.
  4. Blood Tests: For dogs traveling from the United States, tests for Brucella canis, Babesia gibsoni, Dirofilaria immitis, and Leishmania are mandatory. Incorrectly conducted tests may result in quarantine or even return, so rely on a dog shipping expert with access to a USDA veterinarian.
  5. Health Certificate: A USDA-accredited veterinarian must provide a Veterinary Health Certificate for export to South Africa. Complete this within 10 days of your dog’s arrival.
  6. Crate: Ensure your dog has an IATA-compliant crate. Our expert team can provide suitable crates or customize one based on your dog’s specific travel needs.

Having all necessary documents in order is crucial to avoid quarantine for your dog upon arrival in South Africa. Reach out to our team of dog shipping experts for assistance. We offer customized crates, dog-friendly flight scheduling with reputable airlines, and door-to-door transportation for your furry companion. Your dog’s move to South Africa can be stress-free with our expertise.

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