Dog care tips:part two

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is very important and that can be achieved by following some of our tips.

Exercise program: An exercise program for your dog will depend on breed, size, current activity level, outside temperature and many other factors. The idea though is that if you want a healthy dog then you must establish an exercise routine. Some dogs will do fine with just a walk around the block, especially those who are older. But if your dog is younger then odds are they need more exercise. We are not saying that walk around the block is not a good option, but it can’t be the only exercise your dog is getting. We suggest, games like the recall game, hide and seek, fetch and tug. You can also have your dog join daycamp (this is a supervised group of dogs playing together) hire a dog runner or go on longer, brisk walks to get them moving. Dogs that are properly exercised are also less likely to get in trouble in your house. Tired dogs and puppies usually sleep instead of destroying your couch or pulling out your flowers.

Feeding: What and how much you feed your dog is also super important to keep a healthy and happy dog. There are many dog food options out there and what you decide to feed your dog will depend on your budget, lifestyle and veterinarian concerns. But you can improve kibble to make it more appealing and nutritious, as well as altering brands and quantities to reach your dog’s ideal weight. Look at the chart below to find out where your fits and then go from there to a healthier weight. You can switch foods to something with lower or higher calorie content and you can also adjust how much you are feeding. We find that keeping your dog on a feeding schedule rather than free feeding is a better option when you are trying to train your dog, or get them to a healthier weight.

Dog’s spot: Every dog in your home needs their own personal space. Many dogs that live in multiple dog families will choose to snooze together, but having their own spot to begin with is still important. Dog’s need to know that they are safe and comfortable in the “dog’s spot”. The dog’s spot can be anything from a mat in the kitchen, a dog bed in the living room, a crate in your bedroom to a whole dog room with toys and beds. Make sure the designated spot is clean and has fresh bedding, this will keep your dogs clean and free of parasites.

Chewing: Dogs need to chew. It is kind of like occupational therapy for them. By providing several different types of chew toys, you can encourage chewing on the right things. Chew toys and bones help keep their teeth clean and their minds clear. It can relieve stress as well as helping that puppy get through teething. A variety of chewys is always recommended, some might squeak, some are completely edible, some will take years of chewing, and some might have some flossing action going. The more variety of appropriate chewys you offer your dog, the less likely they will be to pick their own things to chew on which might end up being your favorite shoes or the TV remote.

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