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Different Tricks for Your Pup

Are you wondering what else you can teach your furry friend to keep his mind sharp and impress your fellow humans? Check out some of these unusual tricks!


Teaching your dog to dance is ideal for smaller breeds—but healthy large dogs can learn this one as well! Just use this trick with caution if your furry friend is extra excitable, and avoid it for dogs that are overweight or suffer problems with their hind legs.

To teach your pup to “dance,” start in a sitting position and slowly raise a treat up and over your dog’s head. Repeat the command “dance” until your pup rises to its hind legs, and then move the treat slowly around your pup’s head until it spins in a full circle.

Once your pup has successfully completed the trick, reward it with the treat! As with teaching any trick, repeat this process until your pup does the trick on command without needing the incentive of a treat.

Leg Weave

If your pup isn’t light enough on its feet to dance, the leg weave may be a more suitable agility trick! This trick is both impressive to show off and a good exercise for your furry friend.

Get started on this trick by using treats and verbal commands to make sure that your pup will follow your hands! Once your dog is constantly coming to your hand, you can work on guiding it around your legs.

Like any trick, the teaching process will take time and repetition and lots of treats!

Wave Goodbye

Looking for something simple and sweet? Try teaching your pup to wave goodbye!

This trick requires you to first teach your pup to sit and shake hands. Make sure your pet has mastered these basics before trying to teach this trick!

Start with asking your dog to sit a distance from you, and then give the command for shaking hands/paws. Since your pup is not close enough to actually touch you or shake, it should just swipe the open air. Reinforce this with a treat and give the new verbal command “wave goodbye.”

Continue the process of giving the command and treat each time your pup makes an impressive wave!

Whether your pup is a training newbie or a trick master, Airpets International is here for all of its transport needs. Visit our website to learn more about our services and request your free estimate today!

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