Daisy is Australia Bound

Airpets International had the pleasure of hosting Daisy for a number of months. Daisy is a very large and extremely sweet Great Dane. Daisy was so large in fact that we had to have a custom crate built for her for her plane ride to Australia. She has been finalizing her preparations for her Australia trip with Airpets International at our pet resort. Traveling to Australia from other countries such as the US takes six months to prepare for. Australia and sometimes New Zealand have by far the lengthiest time requirements to get into their country.

While at our resort Daisy got to enjoy doggy day care and interacting with other dogs while preparing for her journey. The staff loved her as she always wanted to play and was always in a great mood. We haven’t decided who got more exercise yet, Daisy or our staff. Airpets International ships pet throughout the world to virtually any location. We are lucky enough to get to spend time with these animals, such as Daisy, before they embark on their trips.We thoroughly enjoyed having her and hope that she enjoys her new home down under. G’day mate. She is finally on her way to Melbourne, Australia. We will miss you Daisy!

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