Crate training your cat

Carrier training your cat…

Many cat owners express concerns about traveling with their cats, they are worried that it will be stressful for their kitty. However, cats are smart creatures that can be trained to go in a carrier. After all, don’t we find them climbing into any box or container available?


Begin by purchasing the adequate size carrier for your pet, it can be soft or hard, depending on how you plan to use it. Open up all the flaps and doors and set it in the middle of your living room. This will start tempting your kitty to go investigate it. As your cat approaches the carrier gently praise her. You can also drop some of her favorite treats or toys in there to help encourage her. Leave the carrier out for a few days so she feels comfortable popping in and out of it. Put it away for day or two and then repeat the process so that every time you bring the carrier out, something exciting happens (yummy treats, toys, etc.). Think of a cue that makes sense to you like “go for a ride” or something like that and say it as you bring the carrier out. Just like the sound of the can opening this will get your kitty responding

cat crateNow you are ready to close the doors or flaps for a few seconds with your cat inside. Slowly increase the time spent in the carrier to a few minutes, then move carrier with the cat in it from one spot to another. As you feel you kitty getting comfortable you can take her outside, on short car rides, to listen to birds in a quiet park, etc. The idea is to make it a fun experience, so wait a while before doing vet visits or something more stressful. This process is a little long while training but will end up making things much easier if you need to go on a trip or need to get your cat in an emergency.

Be patient and kind with your cat, celebrate their every success.

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