Carry on pet travel VS. cargo pet shipping expert



We are often asked why choosing a pet shipping expert is a better choice for relocating than a carry on pet. The following comparison can hopefully clear up some of the main points.

Carry on pet  VS.  Shipping with pet travel expert

*In cabin pet weight limit is 22lbs VS. *No weight limit for pets on most flights.

*Pet is your responsibility the whole trip.  VS. *Pet care professionals take care of your pet the entire time. From door to door.

*Finding a spot for potty breaks might not be that easy in a new airport or a new country. VS.  *Pets get potty breaks and food through-out their relocation.

*You must figure out, get and keep all pet documents with you. VS.

*Pet travel experts know which documents are needed for travel, where and how to provide them.

*Very limited space for pets on board.  VS.  *Ample space in cargo for many pets on same flight.

*Not many ground transportation vehicles allow pets on board. VS.

*Pet shipping experts provide door to door service in air conditioned vehicles.



*Only one carrier per customer allowed inside the cabin. VS.

*About 5 pet carriers allowed per customer in cargo.

*Your pet carrier counts as carry on luggage so you are only allowed one personal item. VS.                   *Since your pet is taken care of in the cargo area you may carry 2 items in cabin and additional luggage as checked bags.

*Pet as carry on is not always added to flight reservation which means when you get to the counter at the airport your pet might be refused travel. VS.   *Pet shipping experts can reserve space on an aircraft specifically for your pet, ensuring they get on that flight.

*Pets inside the cabin can be refused travel due to an other passenger’s allergies or mistakes in the documentation.  VS.     *Pet shipping experts have up to date information on requirements and regulations around the world.



*Finding appropriate quarantine and boarding facilities in a new country can be troublesome if you don’t have the right information. VS.

*Quarantine and boarding reservations are made ahead of time to avoid delays. In many cases the adequate planning provided can reduce or even avoid quarantines.

*Researching requirements, pet friendly airlines, import/ export regulations, etc. can be very time consuming. VS.     *Pet travel experts have a large network working with them to make sure they have your pet in the most convenient,  direct and pet friendly flights.

*In case of delays you might need to find last minute pet friendly accommodations which can sometimes be far from the airport and costly. VS.     *A professional team of pet care experts ensures your pet’s safety during transit and are ready to take your call day or night in case of weather delays or any other mishaps.

*If there is a mistake in your paperwork your pet could be denied entry into the new country and you might have to pay to ship them back to your country of origin before starting the process again.  VS.     *Certain countries only allow pets in through a professional pet shipper since they understand all the requirements to import and export pets.




*You need to gage the appropriate size carrier yourself and hope your pet will have enough room to be comfortable.   VS.   *A pet relocation specialist can provide an airline approved travel crate customized for your pet’s needs. 

*Clearing customs in a foreign country can be stressful and complicated for someone doing it for the first time.   VS.      *Custom clearance is part of a pet shipping expert’s daily life, there is no guess work as the documents are triple checked before setting the pet on their adventure.


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