Camping with dogs


Love to travel with dogs? Going camping with your dog is a wonderful vacation for both you and your dog. Packing the right gear can make a world of difference in your comfort levels when you are out in the country. While a lot of people have the perfect gear for themselves, unfortunately most dogs don’t. So before you ship your dog to a new camping spot, here are a few tips and favorite things to pack when we go camping. 

* A dog travel back pack can be used not only to carry their stuff in, but it also works as a harness in case you need to give the pup a boost. Kurgo and Outdoor Hound have several fine options.

* Freeze dried raw food is super light in weight and highly nutritious for your dog. Buy it ahead of time and make sure your dog’s tummy agrees with it as any new food can take a little getting used to. Our dogs’ favorites are Stella and Chewy’s (it comes in convenient patties) and Bravo (looks good enough to eat ourselves).

*A collapsible dog travel bowl. You can find silicone ones (a bit heavier but last a very long time and are completely waterproof) or nylon ones (super light weight but the waterproof lining will peel off after many uses). 

*A hydration bladder is very light and takes up very little space as the material molds itself. They come with a convenient spout that’s easy to teach your dog how to use.

*A water proof bed or mat is essential for relaxing nights with your dog next to the fire. 

dog capming
*A first aid dog travel kit should include: bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, first aid tape, tick removal tool, sting relief spray, scissors and tweezers. The AKC and Kurgo make them or you can put together your own.

*LED light collar or attachable light so you can see your adventure companion at night. We strongly recommend this especially for black dogs! 

*A micro fiber towel doesn’t weigh a lot and dries off quickly after use.

*A leash is required in many National Parks and nature reserves. We do not recommend extendable leashes for dog travel since they are bulky and can be dangerous. All you need is a  6 ft long, flat leash.

* Don’t forget the biodegradable poop bags.


Micro chip, vaccinate and make sure your dog is up to date on heart worm, tick and flea prevention before you plan your next camping trip. Enjoy your adventure!

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