Best Breed Roundup: Gentle Giants

Do you have a lot of space, love outdoor adventures or just want more furry friend to love? If so, you might want to consider adopting one of these large and lovable breeds!

Great Dane

Great Danes might be the first breed that comes to a lot of people’s minds when they think about large dogs. And for a good reason—this breed has been recognized since the 1800s, and similar giant dogs have existed for thousands of years. They’ve become downright iconic for their stature!

Their considerable height and weight don’t make them fearsome creatures, however. Great Danes are known for being great family dogs that are intelligent, loyal and adapt easily to any living environment—as long as they have space to sprawl.

English Mastiff

The dignified English Mastiff can weigh in at as much as 200 pounds, and certainly requires a considerable amount of space and food both indoors and outdoors! These dogs require a little extra grooming, as they have wrinkles to keep clean. But their exercise needs are moderate for their size.

Like Great Danes, English Mastiffs are easygoing and can get along great with children and other pets. Having a large yard is ideal, but these gentle giants can adapt to a smaller living space as long as they’re given ample daily walks.

Saint Bernard

These distinctive dogs are as fluffy and friendly as they are large and tall. They’re so gentle and good with children that they’ve historically been called “nanny dogs.” They also have the tendency to be laidback, and are happy to have lazy days around the house in addition to outdoor adventures.

Like any large breed, it’s important to train and socialize a Saint Bernard. This is made easy because these dogs are very intelligent and eager to learn! Just make sure that you stay on top of grooming if you adopt a Saint Bernard, as they have thick coats that require weekly brushing.

Honorable Mention: Maine Coon Cats

Is a feline friend more your speed? Look no further than the large and in charge Maine Coon! These wild-looking critters are among the largest of domestic cats and can weigh over 20 pounds.

Like the dogs we’ve mentioned, Maine Coons are known for being gentle giants and are also more outgoing and playful than your average house cat. They boast fluffy, waterproof coats that require regular brushing.

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