Airport Survival Kit For Traveling Pets

Getting together a survival kit for traveling pets is not very hard and it can make your trip (and more importantly your pet’s trip) a lot more comfortable. It only takes a little foresight to greatly improve your pet’s relocation. For a full list of what’s allowed in your carry on please follow this link.


rabbit in a pet carrier

You should carry the equivalent of at least one meal for your pet, just in case your flight is delayed or cancelled. You can bring dry kibble, a can of wet food smaller than 3.4oz on your carry on, but we recommend freeze dried food instead since it is much lighter to carry and you can bring more with you. Make sure your pet is used to eating this food to avoid upset tummies.


collapsible pet bowl


No survival kit for pets is complete without at least one small collapsible dish where you can give your pet the rehydrated food or kibble and water.

Your pet’s carrier should have a blanket or towel as a liner that can later be used as a bed for your pet in an airport hotel if need be.

A collar or harness, and leash for your pet, yes, even if your pet is a cat. You want your pet to be safe while they go through security. This process outside their carrier can be stressful and you don’t want a loose pet running around the airport.

Before you travel, research pet relief areas in all the airports on your itinerary and write them down, like this you’ll know where to head as soon as your flight lands without wasting any time.

Bring a toy, some pets might be a little stressed to play but just the sight and smell of one of their familiar toys can help calm them. And if you are lucky enough to have a very relaxed traveling pet, you can entertain them while you wait. In the case of dogs, I always bring a chew toy in addition to a play toy as chewing is quite relaxing for dogs.

Cleaning supplies, don’t go mad with this one, all we suggest is a few wet wipes and sheets of paper towels that can help you clean up some minor messes.


portable litterbox

Poop baggies, cleaning up after your pet is a part of pet ownership, you are responsible for picking up after your dog no matter where you are so come prepared. The better impression we make on other travelers, airports and airlines, the more concessions they will make, allowing for easier and more convenient pet travel.

If you are traveling with a cat then we recommend bringing along a portable litter box and a small bag of lightweight litter with you so you can set up a cat relief spot during your cat’s relocation.

And of course, last but not least on your airport survival kit for traveling pets, some delicious, super high value treats. No matter how short or long your trip is your pet should be rewarded. Make sure you don’t feed a lot during travel so their tummies aren’t upset, but a tiny piece of something delicious along the way can make your pet quite happy.

Good luck with your pet’s relocation and please contact our pet travel experts should you need any advice, planning, flight scheduling or preparing of travel documents.

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