Air Pets America: Serving Delta Airlines

12938225_449572258586114_486612825662316438_n 12919911_449572271919446_6242633938138346643_nTuffy and I

This is Tuffy, an adorable Boxer pup who flew into Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Unfortunately, Tuffy’s owners were unable to pick her up. Delta Airlines reached out to us late in the evening for assistance. We were happy to help. Airpets America drove to the Delta Airlines cargo office and picked up Tuffy where she was taken to our pet resort, fed and given boarding for the night. The next morning, she was delivered to Delta Airlines so she could make the trip back home.

It’s relationships like this one between Delta and Airpets America that make pet travel easier, more efficient and enable us to problem solve when issues arrive. The only goal we have is the safe transport of your pet. From Delta’s knowledgeable staff to ours, we are educated and trained to keep your pet’s health and safety a priority. This way, you the customer can have peace of mind when it comes to your little family member’s travel.



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