Benefits of a rescue dog


We know the decision to add a new dog to your family is a big one. There are many options on how to get your new dog. Whether you are adopting or purchasing a dog it is important to do a little research before you get the dog. You can get your pup from a breeder and here is a link to help you choose a breeder or you can adopt from a shelter or breed specific rescue group. Our two part article on choosing a rescue can help you narrow down the choices. Please consider adopting your new pet, here are a few benefits of adopting a rescue dog.

  1. You are helping a pup in need. These dogs are truly grateful to have a family to call their own.

  2. You already know what the dog is really like, puppies usually change quite a bit while they are growing, not just physically but personality wise as well. Most foster homes and shelters can tell you quite a bit about the dogs, are they friendly with other dogs, are they scared of children, etc. This means that once you bring that dog home there is less of a chance of a personality flip. Usually dogs will take between 2 weeks and 2 months to feel comfortable in their environment. When you are talking about a puppy, changes will happen during the first 18 months, as they reach maturity.
  3. Most rescue dogs are already potty trained or close to it. These dogs have usually had some basic training, either from time at the shelter or from a previous home. Our trainers suggest you still enroll in a class that will help you bond with your new dog and set you up for success.
  4. Most adoption fees are way lower than purchasing a dog. These fees usually cover immunizations, spay/neuter costs and

    sometimes medical bills.

  5. Supporting shelters: by adopting a dog from a shelter you are not just helping that dog, you are helping every dog that comes through that shelter. Most of these organizations are supported by donors and occasional government allowances. Which means your support helps them stay open and able to help more dogs.
  6. Not promoting careless breeding. Though many breeders take great pride in their work, carefully selecting the best candidates to breed, many organizations are only out to make a buck. There are countless puppy mills that just breed for quantity rather than caring properly for the dogs and puppies. By adopting instead of purchasing from those places we stop the demand, bringing careless breeding down.

All of the rescue dogs shown in the article are up for adoption right now… There are many more who need homes so if these guys are not for you there might be some other pup out there just for you.

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