Cat care tip 1:

Cats need their own space. No matter where you live, a quiet place for your cat to hide in is a must. All cats need their alone time and have a special spot for them to call their own will make your cat much happier. A spot to rest, away from the other things going on in your home. It can be a cat cave or a crate with a nice lining so that your cat feels safe. Many cats chose their own hide away like a closet or cupboard but if you provide something fabulous you are less likely to find your shirts full of hair or your shoes crumpled.

Cat care tip 2:

 Scratch away. Your cat will need to scratch to stay happy and healthy. Provide different options for his or her scratching needs, from flat scratchers to towers. The more options you provide of ok places to scratch the better chance your couch has of staying intact.

Cat care tip 3:

Most cats love to play and they need it to stay fit and sound of mind. Though you can spend a small fortune on cat toys for batting around, to hide in or to chase, many of the toys you provide can be inexpensive and even homemade. The key is to provide a variety and always include an interactive toy, something they have to work at to get what they want.

Cat care tip 4:

Cat hammocks have become tremendously popular because cats just love them and because they can look pretty cool in your home. The same goes for climbing structures, you don’t have to get that beige carpeted tower you’ve seen a thousand times at the store. With a little bit of time invested you can find all sorts of innovative climbing ideas for your cat without sacrificing your home’s style.

Cat care tip 5:

Since most of our cats live indoors these days, life can get pretty boring so a window with a view can be a great asset to keep you cat happy. Not only can they lie in the sunshine and snooze away the afternoon, but it also keeps them entertained with the stuff happening outside. If you don’t have many visitors near your windows, you can always find a bird feeder to attract some. We love everything from a humming bird feeder to these one sided mirror bird feeders.

Cat care tip 6:

Are you prepared for occasional outings? Some cats just won’t even begin to allow a harness but those who do find all sorts of enrichment outside. However if you have one of those cats who will just sit or drop down to the ground when on a harness, then perhaps a way to let them out would be a cat carrier (the backpack kind or stroller). Another way to let your cat enjoy the great outdoors safely is a cat enclosure. You can build a very intricate one or buy all sorts of mazes.

Cat care tip 7:

Cats are not as solitary as we once thought, and some cat breeds are outright needy, so make sure you are providing plenty of quality time. We don’t just mean a pat here and there, we mean providing some of your undivided attention to each cat in your home. From petting and snuggling to a more professional massage, a grooming session or even a trick training session.

Cat care tip 8:

Grooming your cat is a must and the sooner your cat realizes that when the grooming tools come out, fabulous things happen the better. We want your cat to love getting nails done, teeth brushed and coat brushed. Choosing the right products for your cat can make grooming time a pleasure. There are tons of products out there, brushes with gentle bristles, lint mittens, and zoom grooms just to name a few. Grooming doesn’t just get rid of the excess hair, it is a great moment to examine your cat top to bottom to make sure they are in good health.

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