Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies originated in northeastern Russia to help the Chukchi nomads. Huskies were used as fast transport (pulling a sled) and as pets, much like they are today. Though many Huskies are kept as pets, there are large groups used in dog sled races around the northern parts of the world and in search and rescue missions in snowy conditions.

This is medium sized dog with wolf like looks and striking eyes, usually icy blue, make him very popular. But it is important to know what the breed is like and what I was bred for, before running out to find one. Huskies are strong, independent and intelligent. They are part of the working dog group. They are built for power, strength and endurance. These pups are well known for pulling a sled thousands of miles at a pretty steady speed, like they do during the Iditarod race. So a Husky that pulls on his leash is pretty much a given!

Siberian Huskies have furred toes and very strong claws to help them manage in deep snow. They also have a super dense coat that sheds a bit year round and then in copious amounts about 2 times a year when they blow their coat, a good vacuum cleaner is a must with a Husky at home. Huskies coat colors vary from black to white and many shades in between, with marking or without. They have a fox-brush tail that they carry over their back in a graceful curve when at attention.

They are great at digging to hide from wind in snowy conditions, but it can be quite harmful to a nice flower garden. Having a designated digging spot for them can keep them entertained and away from your pretty flowers. This breed has a lot of energy that if not put to good use can become quite destructive. Huskies need plenty of exercise and have a playful demeanor.

Most Huskies survive on very little food. They can change their metabolism to endure long periods of running without tiring and without depleting their fat reserves. So when we say High Energy, we mean it. They need a very secure fenced yard since they are known for roaming and running.


Siberian Huskies can be trained but will often defy their humans. This dog breed is not recommended for new dog owners. Training will take time and patience. With proper exercise and entertainment Huskies can be great pets. This breed is very sociable and prefers to live in a pack rather than on their own. When left alone or bored they can be quite destructive, but with the right companionship and exercise they can be a great family pet. They love children and most people.

Huskies are happier in cold weather, after all they are wearing a winter coat year round. If you are planning on keeping Siberian Huskies in Texas then they will need air conditioning for a large part of the year. They will need indoor exercise and plenty of water.

It is also important to note that while Huskies tend not to bark, they do enjoy howling. Their howl can be heard up to 10 miles away and is usually quite distinctive. Huskies are known to be quite chatty and many of their owners love their array of singing, however this should be taken into account if you live in an apartment.


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