Pet Travel – Marcus & The Chateau Lake Louise


Marcus &  The Chateau Lake Louise


Are you and your dog relocating to Canada? If your travels take you near Banff, then The Chateau Lake Louise is the dog friendly hotel for you.


Marcus is a four-year-old yellow Labrador that works there as director of pet relations. After finishing his training with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Marcus found a job greeting traveling dogs and guests. The problem is he’s just a little too friendly. He likes to give kisses and play fetch and all those kinds of things which make him more suited for this job than leading the blind.


For the last three years Marcus has been keeping hotel guests’ company. He routinely hangs out and takes naps in the lobby.  Overnight guests at the hotel can even arrange a walk around the lake with him.


If you are moving to Canada with your dog then our pet shipping experts can help.

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