Pet Travel Relaxation Techniques

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Our pet relocation specialists would like to share with you some dog travel relaxation techniques.

Some of these simple steps can make your pet have a less stressful travel experience. Please consult your vet before you start your pet on any new regimen. If you have any questions about natural remedies and dosage contact a naturopathic or holistic vet.

Teach your dog a “relax” pose. The mind will follow the body into a relaxed state. Start with your dog in a lying down position and lure onto his side with a treat. As the dog flops over say “relax” and reward. Practice this when your dog is calm until you have it on cue. Then you can start asking for a “relaxed dog” in kennel or travel crate.

Massaging your traveling dog

1. Softly rolling the skin. Push with your thumb as you walk your fingers forward along the back of your pup as she lies or sits. Begin at the base of the tail, moving up towards the neck.

2. Finger rub. Most dogs will enjoy a soft circular motion with your fingers along the back of the neck, back and sides. Some of the bigger dogs will thrive with a little more pressure, make sure you start very gently and apply more pressure gradually if your dog seems to like it.

3. Petting with purpose. Instead of a mindless tap or pat, focus on long slow strokes along the body of your dog. This will help her relax and will also bring your own heart rate down. If your dog rolls onto her back you can do the same down her chest and belly.

These techniques will work great on your dog before travel and once they have arrived at their new destination.

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Herbal remedies: There are many herbs that can be used to help you and your pet relax. You can use rubs with essential oils or sprays. 

Bach Flower Essence, Rescue Remedy is a combination of herbs that can be easily administered to your pet in an oral spray. Two sprays before travel can help your dog stay calm.

Combinations of Passionflower, Catnip, Lemon balm, Chamomile and Lavender as aromatherapy, can be used on the dog’s bedding for travel.

Dog appeasing pheromone: This can be found at pet supply stores in many forms, air diffusers and sprays are best for pet travel. This pheromone is what a mama dog expresses when she has puppies to keep them clam. We have found them to be very effective in treating mild cases of anxiety.

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