Dog Looking At International Pet Shipping

10 Steps to Prepare Your Pet For International Shipping : Part 2

Are you and your furry friend ready for relocation out of the country? Making sure you have all the necessities ready for this kind of trip can be overwhelming. Here at Airpets, we specialize in international pet shipping and put together 10 steps to best prepare for the trip! If you have not already, visit our previous blog which highlights the first 5 ways to get ready for pet travel.

Dog Choosing International Pet Shipping

Step 6: Travel Carrier

You want to be sure your pet is both comfortable and safe when traveling – meaning you will need a suitable carrier for flight. Proper cargo crates need to be sizable enough for your furry friend to sit, stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. 

Step 7: Food, Water, Medication

Food and water are necessities; Typically the TSA does not allow liquids – however, there are sometimes exceptions ( such as this case ). Animals can not be sedated and no medication can travel with them, so preparations will be necessary for your final destination.

Step 8: Port of Entry

Every country has its own set of requirements for pets prior to entering the area. Be aware that these regulations can change at any time. Most require both international and health certificates. Verify what your destination country seeks before traveling; the USDA has a great tool for searching these.

Step 9: Ask Us Anything!

AirPets makes international travel with pets look easy! Contact us by calling with any questions regarding this process (866) 738-7447 or review our services here.

Step 10: Let Us Lend A Paw?

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Ensure your animal’s safety and comfort with a first class travel experience at Airpets International! Contact us by calling with any questions regarding this process (866) 738-7447 or review our services here.

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